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About Us

Hackney nursery is based inside New City College in Hoxton Falkirk St, London N1 6HQ. We offer places for children from 3 months to 5 years old. We are open from 8am- 6pm and open 38 weeks of the year (term time only). We cater for students and working parents.

The campus is spacious and is based in the heart of Hoxton. The building that the nursery occupies is a converted school, our classroom facilities are spacious with lots of natural light that comes through our large victorian windows.

Our Facilities

Our approach

The importance of providing the highest quality nursery provision in the first years in life, as children’s early experiences, influence how babies and young children develop cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically through their lives.


“Play is the work of the child” Maria Montessori

Learning through play

We support each child’s development through personally tailored teaching as part of a structured, play-based curriculum.  All staff are involved in the development of the curriculum, learning and teaching. Whereby we work with the child holistically embracing, a wide variety of play experiences based on children’s interests promoting development and learning in the four capacities.
We aim to support every child with a learning experience that is planned from the child’s starting point with activities that are challenging yet achievable so that they can continue to enjoy learning.

Our core values and beliefs underpin our approach to childcare, which is child-focused, concentrating on all of the children’s efforts and achievements and observing their next steps in learning and development.

At New City Nursery, the children’s play and learning environment are designed to encourage children to carefully construct their own learning through independence and choice of play experiences and activities.

Your child’s key person will be sensitive to their individual development and ensure that the activities they undertake are suitable for the developmental stage that they have reached.

Our Early Years Educators and Room Leaders will therefore complete ongoing observational assessment on our electronical portal system which parents can have a password to access their Personal Learning journals each week. Parents are also able to upload home observation on the portal. These observations will inform planning for each child’s continuing development through our play-based activities.

The records are also shared with parents regularly and include parental involvement at every stage. Our fully qualified early years nursery teacher and Educators and room leaders ease your child through the transition from home life to education, and make their first experience of learning special, exploratory, productive and fun.

Our Nursery strives further and provides forest school sessions for the children. Our specialist trained Early Years teacher organises the session. In providing these sessions it helps children to grow in confidence as a result of the freedom, time and space they are given in their learning.

It gives children first-hand experience in been close to nature and been able to care for livening things this demonstrates independence for each individual child. Over time, the children’s self-belief, confidence, learning capacity, enthusiasm, communication & language, problem-solving skills and emotional well-being will increase.


Hackney, Falkirk Street, London, N1 6HQ


0207 510 7565