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About New City Nursery Group

Our home from home environment offers excellent opportunities for children to develop play and learn many new skills in a fun environment. Our approach to childcare is to provide a loving, nurturing safe environment.
All our staff are highly qualified and pride themselves in closely observing and learning the interest and needs of each child and using them to further their growing development.
The nursery has excellent outdoor spaces for children to ride, run, jump, and play with their new friends. We also welcome working parents, students, and families eligible to receive the 2 and 3 years old funding.

Need advice?

Please don’t hesitate to call your nearest nursery, our experienced and friendly managers will answer any questions you may have.

Feedback & Reviews

Hear what some of the parents have to say about
New City Nursery Group

The staff provide a good balance of age and experience with youth and enthusiasm; to create a personal, caring & nurturing environment for the children to grow and develop their independence.

Jonathan Alvarez

My little one went through Baby room, toddler room, and Pre-school. She had a lovely experience in all. She has been given the opportunity to get confident, to help the adults and the children around the rooms.

Russell Kennedy

My son has very fond memories of the nursery and my daughter can not wait to get in every week. The nursery and the staff are very special to us and I feel it has given both my children a significant start to their life. 

Janice Griffin